Thursday, October 30, 2008

F You Must Know

There were some MTA employees standing on the platform. One had a lantern. At one point there was frantic whistle-blowing and waving of the lantern over the edge of the platform. This seemed strange to me in the age of radio waves, etc. The train eventually came in, and I sat in the back corner, near the dark man with sunken eyes who had a large, dirty cooler and a plastic bag resting on top. I settled in, and after a stop, looked up to see if the train would start moving again. I accidentally made eye contact with a cute blue-eyed boy with a light beard. He and his artist-type friend were chatting, and the friend was holding a mysterious shoe box. After a stop, cute boy sat next to me, and box boy sat in front. I tried to become even smaller in my PP trench, listening to my music and reading my book. They got off a stop before me, and by then I had not-really read 16 pages of this:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why do I suddenly feel bad for myself?

WTF JCrew?!!


vanilla met looch at a 'broadway cares' show. she said she's beautiful. not that i needed reassurance.

I Swept!

Shakespeare haiku, of course. The last line of the Othello haiku was

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sydney Carton: I love you, Prossy.

Miss Pross: I am not one your flibbertigibits!

Carton Yourself.

Charles Darnay: Would you care to dine with me?

Sydney Carton: Dine? I don't dine. But I wine.


there's a D train sitting in the station with people staring at a worker yelling. i walk on the opposite side, incurious about the hootenanny. sleeping sallow faces are framed in the windows. another train creeps into the station while an announcement is made that a D train is approaching 'on the wall.' (?) so people run across into the other D. the train gives every indication of being a D, but the conductor announces that it is B running F stops. there is no mention of how long this will last. the third time she mentions it's a B making F stops to coney island. which, i believe means you can call it an F.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Current obsexion

E come vivo?


Pose! Toes!



Abandon All Hope Ye Who Swipe Here

11:03 walked past that offensive poster about the sprinter who won the gold. and posed holding up his shoes as if he didn't know it would become an ad.

11:05 the rush of vested huffy people pushing past informs me that i just missed the f.

11:08 got a seat on the platform, but the one next to me is promptly filled by an obese man who sits on my jacket and waves a newspaper in front his foul red head. the corner of the paper comes close enough to my eye that i flinch each time it approaches, as i read about sydney carton confessing his love for lucie manette.

11:30 the train arrives with only one passed out drunk, and i am able to sit in a corner.

until next time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Looch Watch '08

The Cha-cha and Quickstep as you've never seen them.

A Harrrrd Lesson


Lolcat of the Day

A Compendium of Words I Can't Say in My Own Home


Which Mohinder...

...has his own Wiki page?

This one!

Griffs in a Bucket


Us Last Night

Jessica Jones don't play!

Now featuring...

Did this really happen?

To Do

see you in a week, wax, i mean zac!

Wax on, wax Looch.

Current obsexion

Movie Categories All Week!!!!!

Still To Do

Watch Postcards from the Edge

Finish singing "Hungry Like the Wolf"

Finish the last drop of voka

Watch the rest of Soapdish

Gaze at Casino Royale

Our Muse